Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Century of the Poster

stoletje plakataOn June 18th at 20:00 join graphic design lovers at MAO (Museum of Achitecture and Design - Pot na Fužine 2) and check out a retrospective of the poster's development as a mass medium of visual communication.
The exhibition presents more than 200 posters designed by more than 80 authors.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a book titled A Century of the Poster: The 20th Century Poster in Slovenia, dedicated to the development of the poster throughout the final century of the last millenium.
The exhibition is open until 1st of November.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Gud Shop

gud shop
Where Agent Provocateur used to stand, a new gift / home store opened not too long ago. Gud Shop is small but super cute and is offering products from slovenian and foreign designers and illustrators. There you can find, coffee cups, throw pillows, framed artworks and even dirty laundry bags. The staff is super friendly which is an added bonus. Feast your eyes on Breg 2, right next to the big water fountain and Ljubljanica river.
gud shop

gud shop

gud shop

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Tam Tam

tam tam cigaletova
Like any other city, Ljubljana also boasts with a large variety of coffee places, where you can shamelessly get your caffeine fix, read newspapers or just watch the world go by. Now there's a new one.
On Cigaletova street, in the nearest proximity of the courthouse and the park, a place called Tam Tam opened not too long ago. It's modernly designed, coffee is cheap and old Ljubljana photographs hanging on the walls can be admired. There's also a nice choice of lemonades, if you're not a coffee person.
Perfect for an afternoon get together. ;)
tam tam cigaletova 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Spirit Bar & Kitchen

 The fact that there's a new restaurant at 19, Hrenova street is old news. Spirit Bar & Kitchen opened on the ex Social Club spot, some time ago. I finally managed to try it couple of days ago on a bright spring day. I've heard about these mini burgers, that this restaurant is supposedly famous for and because I'm still under the influence of Ljubljana's so called burger mania, I had to check these out.

And they are mini. They look like cupcakes and taste like angel kisses/mana from heaven/*insert something heavenly*. They are indeed tasty, I liked the irregular shapes, which implied they're handmade, the meat was also super nice and juicy. I was almost hooked, even being not particular meat lover.
Plus you can "dose" them, depending on how hungry you are. These meat cupcakes are 2 euros each, so you can eat two and have a light lunch, or you can eat four and become totally full and have to wobble yourself out of the restaurant.

Anyway, how about adding some fries to that and simply enjoy the soul food goodness in the quiet part of town? :)

spirit bar & kitchen

Monday, 9 March 2015

Wine & cheese evening

wine & cheese

A particularly tasty event will feature one of the best culinary couples - cheese and wine.
On March 11th at 7. p.m. at Hotel Cubo the best cheeses from Spain, Slovenia and Italy will be presented, along with the best from Slovenian winemakers Prinčič, Santomas and Čarga.

Price: 14 euros. Also, wine and cheese quantity is not limited, so go for it! But do make reservations at

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chocoholics of the world, unite!

Dragon's favourite food is chocolate. You heard it here first. Luckily, Ljubljana has a great deal of places where one slightly overweight dragon may indulge in sugary goodness and seriously rise happy hormones levels.
One of them is also super popular in the virtual world as being probably the largest Slovenian online chocolate shop, that delivers right to your home, erm, lair.
The creators of fully understand a typical chocolate addict and their main goal is to provide the best from the cocoa world. Chocolates are from top manufactures such as Rustika, Čokoladni atelje Dobnik, Eraclea and others. It's not just your regular chocolate bars, but also various other sweet products that will make you seriously question your diet.

Probably the most popular service on the website is the ability to create your own chocolate bar or box of chocolate pralines. My Chocolate service is an elegant solution to the eternal dilemma when choosing gifts. You start by picking a type of chocolate (you can choose from milk, dark, white or a mixture of all three). Then you continue by choosing an inscription and sprinkles. The sprinkles option is especially cool, there's a lot to choose from, for every taste. Strawberries and hearts for lovers? Hazelnuts and almonds for the classics? If you're a bit more courageous, how about chili, red pepper or dried onion flakes? Yes, onion.

And such, interesting, handmade in Rustika, 200 gram chocolate bar arrives safely to your door, packed in a neat package. How fast you'll gobble it down is entirely up to you. You can create your own unique chocolate bar here:
Fatty got his mixed chocolate with strawberries, Smarties and hazelnuts. Maybe he'll leave some for me.

Moja čokolada

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Jazz Monday

New Year is here and so are some cool new events to go to. Let's start on Monday. Jazz Monday that is. On the 5th of January, the first Monday of 2015, we suggest some jazz sounds in ZOO club (ex KMŠ) on Tržaška street. 
It starts at 8 p.m. and entrance is free.
Your jazz servers for the night will be Igor Bezget, Erik Marenče and Ratko Divjak.

jazz ponedeljek

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

No pain no game

no pain no gameHonestly painful computer game, the smallest social network in the world, balls that move, when you sing to them, pinball at eye level. All these (and more!) are the multi-sensory exhibits made by art duo Volker Morawe in Tilman Reiffa, also known as //////////fur////.
On Goethe-Institute's request the duo opened their first solo exhibition called No pain no game in which a visitor can truly connect with the artifacts if he plays with them.
The arty interaction awaits you on two locations in Ljubljana. Works such as Soundslam, snake, Amazing, OIS, Golden Calf are available in Vžigalica Gallery (7, French Revolution Square); PainStation, facebox, His Master's Voice and the ////furer//// can be seen (and tested) at MoTA point (12, Gosposvetska street).

There's no entrance fee and the exhibition is opened from October 21st until November 23rd.