Saturday, 5 April 2014

Vacancy at the Grand Budapest Hotel

Last week a brand new hotel opened its doors in Slovenian capital. Of course we are talking about Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel.

grand budapest hotel
(photo by Nejc)

You can catch it everyday late in the evening at Kinodovor cinema. The avant-première was creatively screened at the Grand Hotel Union's congress hall, former cinema hall. One might remember it as the Kino Union, the most prestigious cinema in Ljubljana. The event was part of Kinodvor's project “Year of the Cinema”, commemorating 90 years of cinematography in the city.

Kinodvor outdone themselves with movie promotion. The tickets, or shall I say keys to the room, were sold by a lobby boy. There was also a quirky message waiting for me at the reception desk along with 20 Zubrowka Klübicks that I later spent for a shoe shine. We even got to taste the famous Mendel's pastry after the screening.

grand budapest hotel
20 Zubrowka Klübecks, a note from secret admirer and room keys. (photo by Nejc)

grand budapest hotel
Shoe shine. (photo by Nejc)

Everyone who loves the magic of Andersons films will also immediately fall in love in his latest creation. The director stayed true-to-himself with his trademark style: in every scene he reminds you that you are watching a Wes Anderson movie, filmed by Wes Anderson, the creator of Wes Anderson movie that you are watching. ;)

Hurry up and go see the movie!