Thursday, 15 May 2014


The other day we recieved probably one of the most interesting events in Ljubljana these days. It's about geology and ice cream. Yes, you read that one right. It's Gelatology! Gelato and geology, get it? :) Supposedly, it all started with this booklet (which can be bought by the way). It describes the connections between geology and ice cream in a rather cute and fascinating way. Very abstract indeed.

The creators of the booklet went one step further and on May 17th, they are organizing a Gelatology workshop and banquet. Workshop starts at 3 p.m. and costs 15 euros, you'll get your chance in creating those fun connections yourself and at 8 p.m. you could eat them! Yes, an edible art installation so to speak. I think we've never had anything like it before. ;)

Remember, May 17th at TipoRenesansa studio, which is located at 16, Križevniška street. Don't forget to release your creativity (and book your seat at the event via email ciao(at)