Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The 5 Kitchen and Bar

Not too long ago, a new restaurant called The 5 Kitchen and Bar opened on the site of ex Spanish eatery Don Felipe. The owners found their inspiration on their travels, bringing us tastes from five continents  - hence the name. 
A few days ago I managed to visit The 5 myself and the experience severely spoiled me. 

the 5 kitchen and bar
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the 5 kitchen and bar

I'm loving the restaurants interior design, it's minimalistic, but not cold and distant, it's more warm and homely. I treated myself to some simple three course lunch, consisting of lentil soup with lemon, Indochinese rolls in sauce made from spring onions, garlic and soy, alongside with fried rice with garlic and peas. To top it off, some mixed salad with vinaigrette dressing. 
A very knowledgeable waiter also made the whole dining experience even better. 

the 5 kitchen and bar

Sorry for the lack of soup pictures, greedy me ate it before I remembered I should snap a picture or two. But let me say, it was amazing and the added lemon gave it a real nice fresh kick.
The main course was equally delicious, total vegetarian comfort food if you ask me, I dare to say even the most hardcore carnivores wouldn't mind trying some. I'm actually pretty bad at describing foods and tastes, so all I can say is: the whole meal was fantastic, a lot of bang for your buck, filled tummy and not a very sad wallet. 
the 5 kitchen and barCombine that with great ambience and service and you get a home run. Lunches are served weekdays from 11:00, let's not forget about their cocktail hours in the evening or just stop by for some tasty coffee. And beer. Or both. 

Keep in mind that the owners are constantly looking for new inspirations, therefore the menu will probably keep changing, so there's always something new in store for us. 
Two thumbs up, would add a third one if I had one.