Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chocoholics of the world, unite!

Dragon's favourite food is chocolate. You heard it here first. Luckily, Ljubljana has a great deal of places where one slightly overweight dragon may indulge in sugary goodness and seriously rise happy hormones levels.
One of them is also super popular in the virtual world as being probably the largest Slovenian online chocolate shop, that delivers right to your home, erm, lair.
The creators of fully understand a typical chocolate addict and their main goal is to provide the best from the cocoa world. Chocolates are from top manufactures such as Rustika, Čokoladni atelje Dobnik, Eraclea and others. It's not just your regular chocolate bars, but also various other sweet products that will make you seriously question your diet.

Probably the most popular service on the website is the ability to create your own chocolate bar or box of chocolate pralines. My Chocolate service is an elegant solution to the eternal dilemma when choosing gifts. You start by picking a type of chocolate (you can choose from milk, dark, white or a mixture of all three). Then you continue by choosing an inscription and sprinkles. The sprinkles option is especially cool, there's a lot to choose from, for every taste. Strawberries and hearts for lovers? Hazelnuts and almonds for the classics? If you're a bit more courageous, how about chili, red pepper or dried onion flakes? Yes, onion.

And such, interesting, handmade in Rustika, 200 gram chocolate bar arrives safely to your door, packed in a neat package. How fast you'll gobble it down is entirely up to you. You can create your own unique chocolate bar here:
Fatty got his mixed chocolate with strawberries, Smarties and hazelnuts. Maybe he'll leave some for me.

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