Thursday, 2 April 2015

Spirit Bar & Kitchen

 The fact that there's a new restaurant at 19, Hrenova street is old news. Spirit Bar & Kitchen opened on the ex Social Club spot, some time ago. I finally managed to try it couple of days ago on a bright spring day. I've heard about these mini burgers, that this restaurant is supposedly famous for and because I'm still under the influence of Ljubljana's so called burger mania, I had to check these out.

And they are mini. They look like cupcakes and taste like angel kisses/mana from heaven/*insert something heavenly*. They are indeed tasty, I liked the irregular shapes, which implied they're handmade, the meat was also super nice and juicy. I was almost hooked, even being not particular meat lover.
Plus you can "dose" them, depending on how hungry you are. These meat cupcakes are 2 euros each, so you can eat two and have a light lunch, or you can eat four and become totally full and have to wobble yourself out of the restaurant.

Anyway, how about adding some fries to that and simply enjoy the soul food goodness in the quiet part of town? :)

spirit bar & kitchen